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Webinars - Live and on-demand

Are you looking for additional support for specific problems?

Webinars can be a great way to introduce yourself to some new training protocols or support, it's also a great way to fine-tune your skills with your dog! Any client could benefit from any of these webinars but I put below the dogs that I would most recommend. 

Upcoming Live webinars


By attending live you can ask questions real-time and you will have access to the recording of the webinar for a full year afterwards. 

Intro to Leash Skills

Monday, 5/11 @ 6pm

Does your dog become disconnect from you on walks? Loves to be at the end of the leash or focus on all the exciting things outside? In this webinar we will discuss all things loose leash walking. You'll learn different techniques to utilize and handle the leash to help empower you during the walk, tools that can help make walks more manageable, multiple leash walking exercises, how to start walks with your dog more relaxed and focused, how to handle distractions, and more!

Brain Games

Sunday, 5/17 @ 5pm

Does your dog get overly excited around food? Or really excited in general? Are they high energy? Are you look for fun activities to do with your dog that will also tire them out? In this webinar you'll learn a variety of brain games to help improve your dog's impulse control, critical thinking abilities and provide them a great cognitive outlet all while building a strong bond together! No prior training in needed to do any of the activities that we will learn.




How to Speak Dog: Behavior Edition

Tuesday, 5/26 @ 6pm

This is a sequel to the How to Speak Dog Webinar but even if you don't attend that webinar, there is still a lot to gain from this one. We will be discussing canine behavior instead of just body language. Deep diving into more of the whole picture between how things like physiology and stress affect behavior, what normal and abnormal behavior looks like around dogs and other people, things that we can do to help in scenarios or how to handle things when they go wrong. Discussing things like fear, anxiety, frustration and aggression.

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On-demand Webinars

Couldn't make a webinar you wanted to see? All webinars are recorded live, if you missed out or are unable to attend a live webinar, you can still purchase a full year of access to the live recording. Getting all the same great information when it's convenient for you!

Available Recorded Webinars

Say Please!

Addressing Attention Seeking or Demand Behaviors

Looking to resolve unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking, noise bumping, pawing, scratching at the door, etc. for attention? In this webinar we discuss what to do when our dogs exhibit attention-seeking behaviors, how to prevent and manage it from happening in the first place. While learning how to teach alternate behaviors for them to have a polite way to 'Say Please'! (Duration: 71min)


Fees and how to enroll

Enrollment for Live Webinars: Click on the "Enroll" button under the webinar description of the one(s) you want. After enrolling, you will receive an invoice and the webinar information.

Enrollment for Recorded Webinars: Click on the enroll button under the webinar description. Then after registering and the invoice is paid, you will be granted access to the recording!

Fees: Each webinar is $25. This includes CA sales tax, access to a client only Facebook group, a follow up email with reminders from the webinar and Q&A time. 

If you would like to be personally kept up to date on upcoming webinars via email, let me know at Feel free to also reach out if you have any questions.