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Urban pack adventures

Urban Adventure - For intermediate to advanced training levels

The one hour Urban Adventures is a great way to expand your dog's current training into new and exciting environments. We explore farmer's markets, community events and celebrations, craft shows, restaurants, local businesses, etc. all with permission prearranged by us, for you! As we adventure we work on fine tuning cues/commands in a moderate to high distraction level while introducing impulse control activities, settling games, behavior modification, work towards CGC certifications and whatever we need! Each session is custom tailored based on the dogs there, each owners goals and what pops up then and there that needs to be worked on.

Fee: $35, includes CA sales tax.

I recommend to bring plenty of high-value treats and a variety of treats for all the distractions and some fun toys!

*Dogs with reactivity to bikes, people, dogs, etc or intense excitability or frustration around moderate to severe distractions would be better suited for private lessons before attending the hikes. 

Upcoming Adventures


Saturday 3/30 @ 10am

April: TBD

Space is limited contact us today to reserve a spot!

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