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Behavior Clients

"Daack training saved our Libby. Libby is a rescue from Front Street, a loving Papillion / dachshund mix @ 10 months old. However, 3 years later... after a vet technician muzzled her to clip her nails, Libby became fearful & anxious around adults. Allison was very patient with Libby and me in learning to work with this frightened & aggressive dog. In only 2 sessions of learning how to reward new behavior and the clicker technique,Libby was finally able to visit the vet again. However Allison also guided me to find a vet who is knowledgeable & certified to work with anxious dogs.
Our neighbors and family have commented on the change in Libby’s personality. Friends at the dog park say Libby is more approachable and calm around people and other dogs. Our Libby is on a better diet and enjoys her bed that is sprayed with calming oils. We are still learning how to make Libby at ease around new situations. She is so lovable and fun and best dog ever!"

- Chris, Sacramento

Twin Dogs

"Allison has been helping us with our cavapoo, he will be 2 in May. We needed some help with his behavior issues and wanted to brush up with his every day training.. He is a resource guarder and can get very anxious and excited.  Allison has been a great help in teaching us how to counter condition this and has taught us some fun tricks. He can do his commands both with only voice  and with only hand singles. Our next couple sessions  will be to tidy up his leash behavior. I know he will be a pro with Allison's help. She is really great with him and has taught my husband and I a great deal. I highly recommend you to hire Allison if you need some help with your pooch. Especially if you have a dog with any behavior  issues. 


Gizmo loves Allison and so do his parents. We will always call Allison for any needed training in the future. She is the best and very knowledgeable in her field. I have learned a lot. Thank you for everything  Allison." 

Shannon and Danny - Roseville

"Allison has not only trained our dog Rey really well, she has trained us owners as well! Rey was aggressive around visitors and is now is much more comfortable both in our home as well as on walks. She is professional and personal and has been a pleasure to work with."

- Benji and Stephanie, Foothills Farm

"We have a very high strung Chihuahua/Schnauzer (we think) mix. He was out of control when we got him from the SPCA. We tried our usual methods that worked for our Border Collie mix, but this new addition to our family was too distractedly and anxious and we were pretty much out of our league. I was referred to Allison Daack by Petco, and it was the best call we’ve ever made. Allison is our own personal dog whisperer. She has such a way with our dog, Grendel. She has taught us so much about how he thinks and how to manage his behavior in a way that is appropriate for his breed. Grendel LOVES Allison. Every session we’ve had is super informative and super positive. We learn something new every time and it’s always easy to apply and put into practice. We have found more ways than one to live our new pound doggie. We highly recommend Daack Pack Dog Training!!"

- Melissa and Mike, Fair Oaks

"My background is in dog breeding German Shepard dogs for various police departments in the Bay Area. Allison helped me to train a Staffordshire mix/pit bull given to me. Wonderful, but totally unruly. Folks- She is amazing ; kind, respectful, very knowledgeable about every subject on dogs that I could name for dog owners, gentle,sense of humor, and attentive to our dogs needs. She has no idea I am blabbing here. So please consider her for your doggie’s training and behavioral needs."

- Duncan Fastabend - Sacramento, CA

Security Guard with Dog

Group and Private clients


"Allison Daack is an exceptional dog trainer. The first thing Allison taught us was that “Dog Trainer” is a real misnomer. Allison trains us (the humans) to effect changes in our dog’s behavior by modifying how we react, respond, and interact with our dog. Allison’s understanding of animal behavior is unparalleled and she has helped us to maximize our enjoyment of our dog while simultaneously helping her to be happier and more fulfilled. Allison’s focus is on the whole dog, not on any one desired result; She arms us with the knowledge to modify our dog’s undesired behaviors by replacing them with desirable ones. Her fear free / no harm methods are the absolute best because our pup is healthy and happy and behaves as we want her to. Allison is an absolute miracle worker!"

- Matt and Christine Woodward, Sacramento

"I just want to say I give Allison 5 stars! she has worked with my dog scooter for 2 years, enjoy all the hikes, and urban adventures, she has worked with his separation anxiety, and his other anxiety issues, and showed me how to work thru them. I would recommend Allison to any one in need of a trainer. She is very patient and my scooter loves her."

- Dee, North Highlands

"Allison has been our trainer for 1 1/2 years and we highly recommend her. Our multigenerational ALD immediately learns whatever she is being taught and is well behaved with good manners. Allison's classes are always fun and creates a deep bond between our Lacey Doodle and us......

- Debbie and Danny, Citrus Heights

"Allison Daack is the real dog whisperer! She is keenly aware of canine behavior and knows how to shape it. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for help with their dogs."


- Julie Reardon - Carmichael CA

Dog Portrait

Puppy clients


"I signed up at Petco years ago for puppy 101 lessons with my German shepherd River & was happy to work with Allison. She is friendly, sweet, & kind with people & fur babies. She is very eager to help with any questions you have after each lesson and she made the training process very easy. The teaching techniques are very usable and learnable for people of any age and dogs of any age. Training a dog isn’t just about the dog it’s about the human too and as humans we have bad habits as well so it’s a process for the pet owner and the pet together to learn to come together as a team. I highly recommend Allison to any friends and family. Petco was lucky to have her for as long as they did and now that she’s independent there’s no stopping her with her future goals and her endeavors."


-Amber Grandpre, Auburn

Dog Outside

"When I got a puppy a little over a year ago I really underestimated how hard it was going to be to raise and train her properly. I feel so grateful to have met Allison when she was working at PetCo. She really helped me to understand how to be a responsible and caring pet owner. It's not enough to just love them but you have to learn how to interact with them in a way that will help them learn how you want them to act while helping you bond at the same time. It can be easy to want to yell or punish for unwanted behavior but Allison really opens your eyes to help strengthen your relationship with your animal! I will always be grateful to Allison for teaching me such easy, helpful, and rewarding techniques!"

- Daryl and Jesse, Sacramento

Other Dog Trainers


"As a dog trainer who began learning under Allison, she's both an excellent teacher and an excellent trainer. She knows a ton about dogs, dog behavior, and dog training, and is able to explain it in ways that makes sense - and in the classes I've seen her teach, she's able to easily handle many types of dogs and answer questions about anything you could possibly think of. I've learned so much under her and I am definitely going to keep reaching out to her whenever I come up to a problem or difficulty when I'm teaching my own classes, and she's my first choice for private lessons. Ask her about her trained cats!"

- Kayla, Sacramento