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Private Training - In person and Virtual

Private training is an invaluable tool to set you and your dog up for success, especially with our training plan customized specifically to your life, your needs and your dog. I specialize in aggression and preventing aggression from developing by addressing anxiety, fear, frustration and high arousal based behaviors, along with offering prevention work for puppies and new dogs. 



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First, we start with a a behavior consultation at your home, where I will gather more information and history about your dog, determine what is causing the behaviors and show you how to change those behaviors or implement new ones where applicable. This session typically lasts 2 hours.


This allows us to create the most efficient, effective and custom training plan for you and your dog. All based on your specific situation, goals and the dog's behavior.

An additional follow up session may be scheduled about one to two weeks after the initial consultation, dependent of your goals, to assess and fine tune our training protocol. Additional follow-up sessions of one hour may be necessary, dependent on the severity of the behavior and what your goals are.

Fees: $290 for the initial consultation which includes CA sales tax, a detailed write up from our session, an assessment for your veterinarian if requested, access to a client only Facebook group, travel to and from locations within 30 minutes of Fair Oaks, CA, email support after your initial consultation. Follow-up sessions are $135 an hour. 


Free 15 minute phone or video consult available


Virtual Services

You may be thinking, “can I really get the training help I need without having a trainer in my home?”


You can, modern technology makes getting the help you need faster, more efficient, and can even be less stressful for your dog!


Allison can determine why your dog is behaving aggressively or in an unwanted way and give you a plan to safely manage and modify those behaviors. She will gather more information during the consultation, discuss your goals, and answer any questions you may have.


Consultations happen by remote video chat using Zoom, a very easy application to use and I send you a step-by-step guide. Initial remote consultations last for 1.5 hours.

Common training needs that can benefit from remote training: resource guarding, stranger danger or aggression, child-directed aggression, handling issues, dog to cat aggression, barrier aggression, separation anxiety, dog to dog aggression, basic manners, etc.


Fees: $225 for remote consultations. This includes CA sales tax, a detailed write-up from our consultation, an assessment for your veterinarian if requested, access to a client only Facebook group and email support after your initial consultation. $135 for follow-up sessions of one hour, if necessary.

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