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Good Day Sac - managing 4th of July with your pet

Fireworks can be extremely terrifying for some animals, including; dogs and cats. There are a lot of strange sights, smells and especially sounds that animals can have a hard time coping with. The best way to help them is by helping to manage their environment and set them up for success.

Things to keep in mind: 1. Keep your pets indoors, preferably with a human companion! If they are scared try comforting them with high value treats and rub soft, slow circles on their chest. Fear is an involuntary response, finding a way to reduce their fear response will help reduce the fearful behavior.

2. Ensure your pet is wearing an up-to-date ID tag on a properly fit collar. Also that their microchip is up-to-date or look into getting one. Better safe than sorry!

3. Provide plenty of exercise and enrichment early in the day! On daackpack.com as a member, I have a detailed article “All About Enrichment!” That has a ton of good information. Look for an article all about kongs and things to stuff them with this afternoon!!

4. Create an extra calm, safe environment! Close windows, blinds and curtains, have a safe place for the animal to retreat to and try playing some relaxing music. If they’re crate trained and they enjoy the crate, that could be a great environment for them, maybe even with a sheet or towel over the part of crate and music on.

5. Leave something fun for your dog to do during the fireworks- like a stuffed kong!

If you’re worried that your dog with have a strong fear response, don’t hesitate to speak to your vet about options.

If you feel like your dog just needs a little bit of help, You can go to your local Petco and they have a lot of really great tools from thundershirts, calming treats, pheromone collars and plug ins, enrichment toys and great treats!

Feel free to ask if you have any questions or concerns!

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