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Common dog myths debunked



Dogs can see several different colors including different saturations of blue, yellow and gray.

Tail wagging can mean happiness, excitement and alertness, or it can signal fear, anxiety or be a prelude to aggression.

Appeasement behavior - it is their way of diffusing tension in response to feeling threatened.

Dogs can do this for many reasons, a lot of times they can just like the taste!

Social behavior of wolves was initially misinterpreted and subsequently put right by the same authors.


The CDC concluded that no dog is born inherently dangerous or vicious.

Dogs can't see color!

A wagging tail means a friendly dog.

I can tell when my dog has done something wrong from the guilty look on their face.


When my dog eats grass it means they are sick.

Alpha theory - be a pack leader


Breeds on the banned list are always aggressive and will attack anyone given the chance.


The American Society of

Animal Behavior (AVSAB)

They have some great position statements that debunk a lot of misconceptions from when the right time to socialize is, punishment, dominance, etc.